Well – this is confusing.

Gwinnett School Board member Dr. Tarece Johnson does not hold Georgia Education certification. She does not need it to sit on the school board (there are, unfortunately, really no qualifications for that position) but many had assumed with running her own school that she was certified. This is not the case, as was revealed in a letter from the Georgia Professional Standards Commission:

Georgia Professional Standards Commission
August 13, 2021

The Professional Standards Commission met on August 12, 2021 and considered the matter of Tarece Lynette Johnson.

The accused does not hold Georgia educator certification, and the accused is not an active applicant for Georgia educator certification. Since the accused is neither a certificate holder nor an active applicant, the Commission does not have jurisdiction over the accused.


Paul A. Shaw, Director
Educator Ethics Division
Professional Standards Commission

It also appears that her school (Global Purpose Academy) has disappeared from the internet. The Facebook page is not showing up, and the website (www.globalpurposeacademy.com) has been taken down. Facebook will not even let anyone post the website address for the school because it says it “goes against their community standards.” I don’t know what happened – maybe they didn’t pay their bills. You can still find the website on the internet wayback machine,