At the May 2021 board meeting of the Gwinnett County School Board, members Johnson and Watkins opted to flee the room rather than hear any ideas that may conflict with their own opinions.

Their duck and cover move was completely understandable. Dr. Johnson frequently talks about “her truth” (as if there are different versions of truth) and apparently, any opinions that differ from her own nutty ideas could cause harm to her fragile ego. So rather than listen to rational discussion, the safest thing for these women to do is to plug their ears and head for the exit.

Unfortunately (for them and for us), they landed themselves a position on a government board, and there are certain responsibilities that come with the job. Listening to parents is certainly up near the top. We can’t count the number of times these two spoke about “Transparency and Accountability” during their campaigns, but now that they have landed the job, and all of Gwinnett is not singing their praises, they leave board meetings, ignore parent emails, and even hide posts on their social media accounts.

Another option is that they just aren’t all that smart, and since they can’t handle any new thoughts they figure they might as well just go get a sandwich or something. We know this by simply watching their complete lack of knowledge of Robert’s Rules of Order when trying to make motions. “Everton Blair, Jr.” is constantly having to help them turn their rambling into something moderately coherent. Maybe they thought the meeting was over. Or maybe they were worried they might miss the beginning of “B-Positive” and couldn’t figure out how to use their VCR. We will never know because they left without even saying goodbye.

They also try to shut down any information that is at all critical of their public postings. Dr. Johnson even contacted us because we dared to repost some of the statements they would rather have hidden. She wrote the following a few months back:

Your website is creating terrorism and hate. The lies and fear mongering are dangerous and I have reached out to the FBI. Remove all content about us on your website and Facebook pages. 

Well, we are fairly sure she didn’t “reach out” to the FBI, but it just shows again how unfit she is for an elected position. We think that she should listen to some very wise advice – if she can’t stand the heat, she should just get out of the kitchen.