By now you have probably heard Dr. Tarece Johnson, Chair[person] of the Gwinnett County School Board, talking about using education “for indoctrination” in a recent interview on The Benjamin Dixon Show. But there were a few more clips that might be of interest to parents who have children in the Gwinnett school system.

We have included the timestamps along with a transcription, as literally as possible, of Dr. Johnson’s words. To be fair, she said some things that we can agree with. However, the positive statements cannot overcome the rest of her dangerous rhetoric.

1:02:30 – “We can change our nation; we can change the trajectory of the world. So, when you then look at the education system you say ‘well what can we do to now change um how our children think so that um we can use it in a way for indoctrination or for uh um power control”

1:04:10 – “What we have in the education system is people who are saying ‘let’s target the school boards. Let’s target them and let’s suppress this freedom of education let’s take away…’ As a liberator for me, I know that education, so much power and if we think about how do we liberate our students how do we create a world where people have free thought in a world that actually challenges status quo”

1:11:15 – “I, I am an intellectual, I have, you know, multiple degrees, I, um, am a, I have a, I have a doctor degree in education, I owned a school um previously, um, that we really focus on multicultural multilingual education, I wrote a book called the global purpose approach … I am also unapologetic about being a Black Lives Matter supporter.”

Here is the link to the full show if you would like to listen to the full 17-minute interview, you can find the link here:

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