As reflected in the Georgia State Board of Education’s CRT resolution, Georgia is a racist State where white fragility, privilege, and power reign supreme. This is past and present. #CRT

Tarece Johnson, June, 2021

“Dr. Tarece” is still pushing out BLM messages intended to oppress certain races and create division. Her latest tweets show she is still trying to force her far-left progressive agenda into the hearts of our children. First, some background. Look at this tweet from January after she had just joined the board:

The quote she references is by Waleed Shahid, a spokesman for Justice Democrats, a PAC that wants “… to build a mission-driven caucus in Congress by electing more leaders like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Jamaal Bowman, who will represent our communities in Congress and fight for bold, progressive solutions to our current crises.” For Justice Democrats, the majority of the Democratic party is “out-of-touch” and not progressive enough. Here are the key parts of their platform:

  • Cancel Student Debt
  • Tax the Rich
  • Fair Trade
  • Expand Social Security
  • Federal Jobs Guarantee
  • Free Public College and Trade School
  • Green New Deal
  • Secure a Living Wage
  • Medicare for All

And here is the full quote she references:

“In our country’s struggle for multiracial democracy, there have often been calls for unity that avoid holding white supremacists accountable before the American public,” said Waleed Shahid, a spokesman for Justice Democrats, a group that works to elect progressives. “It happened after the civil war and it happened after Jim Crow. I fear it could happen now.”

Barring Trump from holding future office and expelling Republicans are only part of the solution, Shahid said. Biden and the Democratic party, he continued, must “act on their mandate to deliver change for the American people rather than compromising on an agenda by co-governing, with a party that just paved the way for one of the most terrible episodes in American history.”

Look at what she tweeted in April (it’s always nice when you get to quote yourself):

It does say something that the tweet was up for over two months and she only had three likes. Probably herself and her two progressive board member conspirators. But what has she been up to lately? Here is a tweet where she attacks the media:

We can only imagine this message was for the reporter who dared to disclose the details of her fine for accepting illegal campaign donations. See the article in the Gwinnett Daily Post – “Gwinnett school board member Tarece Johnson agrees to pay $1,000 fine for violating state campaign fundraising rules.

And who to vote for? Tarece really has only one qualification – a black candidate:

Johnson has only been ratcheting up the hate. Take a look at these posts from just a few days ago (La Gente Unida is a California based group that wants healthcare for illegal aliens):

And we leave you with this: