The Gwinnett County School Board, and the future of the largest school system in the state, hangs by a thread. If either of the two Republican board members lose in November a squad calling itself  #THE DREAM TEAM will take control and, according to one candidate, “radically alter school board policy,” pushing their version of social justice and critical race theory on our children. This is not a black vs white issue – there are many conservative African American parents in Gwinnett who appalled by this agenda.

Three candidates (Karen Watkins, Tanisha Banks and Tarece Johnson) are working together. They have all hired Vincent “Vinny” Olsziewski (Campaigns by Vincent) for their campaigns.

Here is a preview, in their own words, of just some of what we can expect if either Karen Watkins or Tanisha Banks is elected (Tarece Johnson believes she has won already, but faces a write-in candidate, George Puicar, in November). This article is simply an accumulation of posts brought to light by many hours of work done by others who are desperately trying to protect our children. Click HERE for a quick summary of their positions. At the very bottom, we have a link to some of the other things we might be faced with.

(NOTE: Dr. Johnson has also had some outrageous TikTok postings. If you want to see some of these videos visit TikTok Tarece)

Since Tarece Johnson believes she has already won the seat (see the article “Gwinnett’s New Jewish School Board Member” before it is taken down), she has been the most open about showing her true colors, but be assured that the other members of The Dream Team will gleefully fall in line. We therefore start with Dr. Johnson…

Tarece Johnson

“Implicit in effective multicultural learning, especially with consideration of racial diversity and equity in education, is critical race theory.”

Tarece Johnson, “The Global Purpose Approach: A Multicultural Resource”

“Having indigenous studies that’s required and studies around black history, not just an elective but a required course, is really critical to me,” Johnson says.


Dr. Johnson also is the author of a petition to “Revise educational standards related to European Explorers in Public Schools.” There were just too many posts from Johnson to put here so we have included some bonus quotes at the end of this article.

Karen Watkins

Tanisha Banks

What can you do?

We need to vote for in November for Republicans Dr. Mary Kay Murphy and Carole C. Boyce. We need to tell our friends to vote for them as well. We need to warn people what will happen to our outstanding school system if either of the Democrats wins. If you can, volunteer for one of the campaigns. Walk door to door and/or put up signs. Click the name of either candidate to be taken to their website and find out what they need. If you don’t have time to campaign, they desperately need funds so they can mail their message to the voters of Gwinnett County. These campaigns are run on a shoestring and any contribution will be a big help! Click on one of the links above and donate what you can.

For further reading

Federal Funding To Teach ‘1619 Project’ In Schools. This would completely rewrite history, giving our kids an oftentimes fictitious account of the history of our country.

National Black Lives Matter in School Week of Action Starter Kit

Tarece Johnson had so many quotes we just couldn’t fit them all in the article – so here are a few more posts of hers:

From an article in the Atlanta Jewish Times entitled “Gwinnett’s New Jewish School Board Member:”

“My personal opinion is to get rid of them, abolish police in schools. I want them out, period.”

She wants to make it school board policy that all Jewish students would get time off to observe the Jewish high holidays.

Only one other member of the school board, who was elected in 2018, is an African American. Two other African Americans candidates are running for the five-member board in November, which, if they are elected, could radically alter school board policy, Johnson believes.

“If one or both of those two women win, we will make up the majority of the board. I call ourselves the dream team.”