We have articles on this site showing the Democratic candidates’ Social Media Posts and their TikTok videos. This page provides a concise summary, from their own postings, of how these candidates (the “Dream Team”) want to radically alter school board policy.

The Black Lives Matter agenda permeates many of their social media posts.  They believe that to end systemic racism that is killing black and brown people, you must first understand that racism exists within yourself, and that we live in a society that is built on racism, and that functions on the oppression of black and brown people. We all, unconsciously, participate in systemic racism. Whites have created White Spaces, and willingly use violence against Black bodies to keep those spaces white.

They will require training for everyone (including students) on fragility/privilege, implicit biases, and microaggression. They want to require classes on Ethnic Studies. 

The Dream Team believes that American policing is fundamentally flawed, that there’s a killer cop sitting in every school, and that black/brown people should be liberated from the dangerous, racist model of law enforcement. They call for the elimination of School Resource Officers.

They believe that our nation’s true Independence Day should be Juneteenth.  They believe the time has come for a revolution to end the capitalistic greed over humanity, and that all injustices must be reconciled, and reparations made to descendants of chattel slavery. The world needs to know the power of black/brown people.

They want to remove confederate names and symbols and demolish the representations of a history of terror and racism, eliminating statues, street names, school names, and monuments. They demand that we establish affirmative actions for black people and end the capitalistic greed over humanity.

They believe that schools should not reopen, because most of the people who want the schools open are ‘White’ and most of the informed people who want the schools closed are Black/Brown.

But wait – there’s more

All of the above desires are taken directly from their own postings. But as with many politicians, there is certainly much more that they are not ready to be made public. But looking to other states with radical school boards gives us some idea of what may be in the works.

Teachers unions in states like California (where some of these candidates are receiving funding) have agreed with the Dream Team that schools should not reopen. But they have not been shy about making demands before kids can return.

They demand that local politicians abolish charter and private schools, eliminate unpaid rent evictions, remove school resource officers, and defund law enforcement. See any parallels with what the Democrat candidates in Gwinnett are proposing?

The election is fast approaching. What will you do to save our children?