The three Democrats running for the Gwinnett School Board (Karen Watkins – District 1, Tanisha Banks – District 3 and Tarece Johnson – District 5) have all decided that they will not release their financial disclosure reports. The Republicans all did.

The only conclusions are:

  1. They all have something to hide and do not want this information getting out before the election
  2. They believe they are the elite and nobody has the right to ask about their personal finances, even though they ask us to trust them with a $2.3 billion budget
  3. They are all so incompetent that they intended to but just couldn’t figure out how to do it

Pick 1, 2 or 3 – either one of them should disqualify them from running for the school board.

Plus we have Tarece Johnson who accepted thousands of dollars in illegal campaign funds (allegedly). How is that a good example for our children? Fortunately, an ethics charge has already been filed against her. Her only penalty will be a fine. Her excuse? She messed up. Sorry – apology not accepted. Virtually every other candidate in the state of Georgia was able to do this correctly.

This is just the illegal activity we have discovered to date. How much more is out there? For candidates who claim they want to be transparent, they are certainly keeping a lot hidden.

Really – how can we possibly trust them with $2.3 billion of our tax dollars?