The Democrat school board candidates can’t defend their own Marxist ideas, so they resort to calling everyone who disagrees a racist.  Here is Tarece Johnson’s hateful, racist, misinformed attack on two sitting school board members.  Kudos to Murphy and Boyce for just letting her rant.  A quote from the video:

“Mary Kay Murphy and Carole Boyce who are current members of this school board are engaging in the southern tea party that is often linked to white supremacy.  They are undercover spurring hate that is putting the lives of black and brown people in danger.  They are participating in meetings that encourage fear and myths.  They are complicit to the propaganda that perpetuates the style of ignorance and maintains systemic racism which trickles down into the policies of our school district.”

Also – do not miss the important phrase Johnson uses when praising students who speak before the board. She says that they are “speaking their truth.” This is intentional and a fundamental principle that shows why the “Dream Team” should not oversee your child’s education. Truth is not relative for each person.

Click HERE to see the full rant

Question: Tarece Johnson’s LinkedIn profile already has her listed as a member of the school board. Why is she speaking from the floor like the rest of us have to do?