Despite all their talk of “transparency,” NONE of the Democrat school board candidates have released their financial disclosure statements (all of the Republicans did). A possible reason may be their ties to Everton Blair and his conflict of interest issues.

1) Board Member Everton Blair worked for an online learning company

2) While at UnboundEd, Blair pushed for online-only learning

While Everton Blair worked as the Director of program development at he was advocating for all digital learning – which just happens to be what does.

SUWANEE, GA — Gwinnett County Public Schools said Monday morning it would teach classes online only this fall, joining a growing number of Georgia districts that will keep classes virtual to slow the spread of COVID-19.

The decision is an apparent about-face after a Thursday-night school board meeting where all but one member had agreed to offer in-person instruction for those who wanted it.

According to multiple media reports, long-time board chairwoman Louise Radloff could be heard saying “I could strangle him” into an open microphone just after adjourning the meeting.

Everton Blair, the only Black member of the board and the only one to oppose in-person instruction, was the apparent target of the comment.

“Gwinnett County Schools Go Online-Only For Fall”

Blair promoted his own company, an obvious conflict of interest.

The conflict became so obvious that he had to resign (the company, not the school board, unfortunately)

3) Blair pushed for “The Dream Team” – the Democrat School Board candidates

Blair was quick to hop on the Dream Team train, supporting all three of the hard left candidates.

4) We know that the Dream Team want digital learning only

At almost every school board meeting, and in online interviews and campaign appearances, the Dream Team have been quick to point out that … well, we don’t want to repeat what they said because it would be racist if it came from us. So we will just post their words:

“Gwinnett County Public Schools has decided to re-open schools. They have chosen to ignore data and science and risk the well being and lives of our students, teachers, support staffs, and administrators.

Most of the people who want the schools open are “White” and most of the informed people who want the schools closed are Black/Brown.”

Tarece Johnson Facebook Post

So what could be the answer for hiding their financial disclosure reports? It is unfortunate that we may never know. At least not until after the election.