It’s an easy out. Whenever someone disagrees with you or points out something you have done wrong, just call them a racist. Tarece Johnson constantly falls back on that strategy, and her latest video is just more of the same. Instead of realizing how her policies are harmful to children, against the founding principles of our country, and create division, she calls anyone opposed to her radical ideas:

  • hateful
  • racist
  • bigots
  • anti-black
  • antisemite
  • xenophobic

(NOTE: Below is not a transcript of an actual conversation, but it shows how she might use this tactic to avoid answering questions)

“Tarece – if you are for transparency, why did you delete so many Facebook posts? Why have so many of your TikTok Videos been scrubbed?”

Response – “You are just a racist.”

“Tarece – are you worried that you accepted thousands of dollars of illegal campaign contributions?

Response – “You are just saying that because you are a racist and an antisemite”

“Tarece – you have numerous posts and statements where you say you want to eliminate School Resource Officers. Why do you believe that is best for the children?”

Response – “Racist, Racist, Racist!”

“Tarece – you want to bring an obscene sex education program into Gwinnett schools, even though this program has shown to be a failure in other places where it was tried.”

Response – “You bigot. You are so racist, you and your ‘dog whistles'”

“Tarece – you filled out a form when you started your campaign but wrote down that you were running for State Senate instead of School Board. That’s a pretty big error, and if you don’t know the difference between Senate and School Board should we trust you with control over $2.3 billion in taxpayer money?”

Response – “I refuse to spend any more of my time listening to your racist, xenophobic lies.”

“Tarece – but after the vote you stated that ‘I will listen to and serve you.’ How will that be possible when you hide questions voters ask on your Facebook page and refuse to answer? Tarece? Dr Johnson?….”